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High-End Custom Boxes for All Types of Products

In the growing retail, industry and rapid increase in consumerization, every brand, and individual business owner is in great need of establishing, maintaining their unique image, and generating long-term.

When there are, many boxes of a different brand with the same product showcased in the retail market, then Custom boxes give a stand-out boost to attract the attention of its target audience most effectively. Companies portray their theme, logo, brief description, precautionary measure, and handling details so customers can easily identify and distinguish between contemporary items and exclusively crafted material.

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Custom Boxes To Define Your Brand.

One brand can easily show its presence and claim a prominent standing in the retail market with the help of effective presentation of ideas and themes via Custom boxes. These boxes make the packaging astonishing among the crowd of other same items. Printed logo, embossed or slogan, unique and desirable color theme, and eye-catching graphics, give a strong message about the eccentric trade name in the mind of customers.

Custom boxes can be tailored with thoughtful artisanship in terms of maintaining a long-term brand image in the minds of customers with the help of pictorial affiliation. Such as Levis have a loyal customer base and their products can easily be distinguished among other same forms just with the visual presentation of the logo.

Salient Features

Stand Out from the Norm

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The sky is the limit with the designs you can have implemented.

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Large Variety of Materials

Choose from commercial grade and luxury materials to match your product and budget

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High Resolution Printing

CMYK or PMS, Offset or Digital? – Quality Guaranteed Regardless

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State-of-the-Art Printing Tech

Faster order deliveries and better quality through Implementation of High-Tech Processes.

Custom Die Cut

A Gateway To Market Your Brand.

Eye-catching Custom boxes are a widely used technique in the digital world and on social media specifically. Brands are now paying special attention to designing colorful boxes per their company’s aesthetic requirements.

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As when you see thousands of unboxing videos on social media, and among them the video with beautifully designed packaging boxes so it attracts attention more appealingly. Such as Charles and Keith’s, have an astonishing brand standing among customer base from all sets of life.

Along with several other benefits of custom-packaging boxes companies now, want to add value to their product with Custom printed boxes.

At The Legacy Printing co.uk, you got the product and we got the best ideas for you to give your brand or product a unique value and boost your business. You can find a variety of packaging boxes solution by our expert team of designers, per your company theme and budget.

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Use custom boxes to give your product a new life.

Several items around us need more visual appeal in their outlook due to the nature of production, such as beauty products, glass-made decorating pieces, and utensils, jewelry. These all goods are not just fragile but also are among the luxurious commodities of life that need a specific premium kind of Custom boxes packaging.

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Such delicate-looking jewelry is if is not displayed in a rough look rigid box with no color and rough feel, then the charm of that exclusively crafted masterpiece also gets badly damaged. Therefore, to maintain the serenity of one product good brands prefer exclusively designed custom boxes in bulk. To meet this ongoing requirement several packaging companies provide Custom boxes wholesale solutions. In that, way companies can maintain their unique way of packaging with uniform effect as with the help of printed design and logo with the premium luxurious matte finish they can easily achieve customer satisfaction on every new purchase.

Big or small brands, Multinational manufacturers, or individual product producers everyone today needs a customized packaging solution to establish a unique, stylish and specific position for their productions. Custom box packaging gives that shoot-out chance per brand color, target audience mental approach, theme, shape, and design of the company to produce an outstanding result in terms of business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At The Legacy Printing, we offer a diverse range of packaging boxes that cater to clients’ needs from different industries. You can get the Mailer Boxes, Beauty Boxes, Rigid Boxes, Bakery Boxes, Health Boxes, Cardboard Boxes, and more. According to your requirements, you can get all the boxes customized by the experts.

You can acquire a free of cost design support service and directly contact our expert designers. They are professionals in the field and hold years of experience. Their valuable advice can help you craft the right style and printing on the packaging box and support a great deal in the branding of your business.

You need to visit our website and click on the Get a Quote button. Afterwards, you’ll have to fill out a simple form and narrate all the business needs such as type of packaging box, stock material, quantity, exact dimensions and printing option. You can also upload a sample file. Our support representative will reach out with detailed pricing information.

The die-making is free of cost, and you can ask our packaging professionals to mold the box in any shape, size or form. There are also no setup charges involved, and you can get premium-quality packaging boxes customized by the experts. You can also check out our Die Cut Boxes in all shapes and sizes.

Yes, you can place a bulk order for the packaging boxes. The wholesale option comes with a special discount. Our supply and logistics team also ensures that you receive the wholesale shipment on time.

The Legacy Printing is the perfect platform where you can access a comprehensive range of box styles according to the packaging needs. You can get a quote or receive free samples of packaging design templates and check them out before placing the final order.

We have a wide range of options available through which you can apply the sticker or label of your choice on the 4 x 6” postcard or any other size. You can also ask us to have them embossed, debossed, die-cut or use other finishing options. Finally, our team ensures that the printed image on the object is of top quality.

There are no delivery charges, and every order, irrespective of its size, is delivered free of cost across the USA. The turnaround time is quick, and usually, the boxes are delivered in just 10-12 working days. An expeditious delivery mechanism is also in place, and the shipment can be delivered within a week.

We accept orders as low as 100 boxes with the offset printing option. It doesn’t matter whatever the shipment size is. Our quality assurance team carefully inspects every packaging box before the shipment.

You can get multiple features to add more value to the packaging box and decorate it properly. The Legacy Printing offers inserts made of paper, cardboard and foam that you can place inside the box to add extra support and instil a classy look. You can also choose options like magnetic lids, a button-closing mechanism, and more.