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Detail Description

Luxury boxes will always be in demand. Carefully crafted from the finest rigid card stock and corrugated cardboard, these handpicked masterpieces offer unrivalled premium packaging solutions. Whether recycled or made from eco-friendly material, each box exudes sophistication and grandeur. These boxes, available in a variety of sizes, are the epitome of functional artistry and can be utilised for an array of purposes, from storing cherished keepsakes to housing esteemed jewellery pieces.

Understanding Luxury Boxes

When we delve into the realm of designer luxury boxes, we're not just talking about any old packaging. We're discussing bespoke luxury packaging that's all about the feel, the look, and the experience. These boxes are usually made from sturdy paper-based materials that can maintain their shape; this can be card stock, corrugated paper, rugged cardboard, or rigid card stock for holding precious items such as watches, jewellery, and trinkets to storing collectables and your favourite novels. However, their use goes far beyond that; they can also be used to package gift items of a similar nature. The thing to understand about luxury boxes is that when the item is valuable, it needs to be complemented with an equally appealing container. And that is the same rule that all luxury brands follow, the packaging will match or exceed the product in the visual aesthetics area.

The Process of Making Luxury Boxes

This intricate process begins with crafting a decline or template by The Legacy Printing. Once the template is finalised, it serves as a blueprint for manufacturing the rigid box. The machines then take over, performing most production processes, such as cutting. However, the assembly and setup of the rigid box are still done by hand, reflecting the bespoke nature of these Custom Luxury Boxes UK. Here, the inner greyboard or chipboard, which serves as the skeleton of the box, is cut to a custom size and shape using cutting dies. The box starts to take shape as the four side panels are folded along the scoring lines to form the framework. Now comes the artistic part – the outer wrap. This is the box's skin, typically made from either art paper or speciality paper. Each offers a fine print, texture, and finish, exuding luxury. These wraps are prepared meticulously and trimmed to fit the box perfectly, creating a strong, rigid, attractive luxury box.

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